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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arkoma, back?#

The network has been up and running for the past 5 years, however; the core developers were not activlty working on it the past 3 years. At this time we are taking small steps to ensure the basic infrastructure required to maintain the network is in place. Don't expect a flurry of activity.

What happened to the website#

The main domain was bought. We will be using the following domains: (this domain)

Hopefully the person that owns will make it redirect here.

Is there a block explorer?#

At this time we suggest use wattpool's explorer:

Are masternodes coming back?#

We have no plan to reintroduce masternodes to the Akroma network. The centralized system for node managment was a mistake. We won't be building anything that requires centralized infrastructure.

Are oracles going to be delveloped?#

We have no plan to continue working on oracles.

What does the future hold?#

At this time our only focus is on ensuring a stable network and updated binaries. Some of the main action items we are working on will be:

  • New boot nodes
  • Adding new boot nodes to source code
  • Updating basic website
  • Updating this FAQ

What happened to the mobile app?#

The Android mobile app will not be coming back. For the time being; we will work with wallets to integrate Akroma. If time permits; we will build a barebones wallet.

Is Kastle coming back?#

No. The entire team worked on Kastle during the final 6 months that we were working daily on Akroma. We meet with VCs, we lined up partnerships, we tried everything. The regulatory requires in the US made it to complex to come to market without serious backing.